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Will you PRAY, GO, SIT and GIVEĀ to be in the corner for young people?
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Not Just For The Coffee Run

Our Father - idea of intimacy and close relationship.
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The Cavs City

The Love of Christ through Hospitality
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A Longing and Desire

This Lenten season what longing and desires do you have for your community and life that you can take to the Lord as we wait for Resurrection Sunday?
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Salt of the Earth

What area of your ordinary life might the Lord be calling you to be the salt of the earth...and to bring life and nutrients to others and this world?
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Jubilee 2017

This weekend we were in Pittsburgh for our annual CCO Jubilee conference.
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Thank You

"Make Love Your Aim" - I Corin. 14:1, NJB
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Is Your Head Down?

Where Are You Walking?
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Happy New Year

May the Lord and His Holy Spirit be with you in your journey of Re-Creation.
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