Where We're Heading

Who We Are... And Hope to Become!!!

Making disciples who cultivate community, preach, teach, and heal
in the powerful name of Jesus Christ

With God’s help, we are a community seeking to…

  • place our faith, trust, and allegiance in the triune God
  • rejuvenate our identity as God’s people called and sent to participate in God’s ongoing mission in the world
  • be disciples of Jesus Christ continually maturing in our faith as we live out the qualities made known to us in the life of Christ and the Bible 
  • be the church - a community of ministers and leaders understanding that membership equates to active participation in our life and ministry
  • undergo constant transformation and conversion to God’s Kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • grow in measurable and immeasurable ways

With God’s help, we will be a community that…

  • is gathered by God in corporate worship, hears God’s word, responds in vibrant praise and gratitude, and is sent by God into the world to represent God’s kingdom
  • is known more as a giving congregation than an asking congregation
  • has a balance between Inward-Focused ministries (those which strengthen and build up our own congregation) and Outward-Focused ministries (those which strengthen and build up our community) while always professing the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed
  • discerns the work of the Holy Spirit in the world around us in order to wrap our lives around such work
  • embraces a Kingdom-Focused mentality by looking for opportunities to partner with other ministries and congregations in the community for this greater and common purpose

With God’s help, our members will...

  • love, serve, and minister to each other while also extending our love, service, and ministry to the community and world
  • know our God-given gifts and be equipped to use them in ministry within and beyond our own church walls
  • embrace the “one-another” commands in Scripture
  • live in the world as citizens of God’s kingdom whose lives are a sign and foretaste of God’s Reign
  • be known by residents of Ashland County for our love of God & others; we will be seen in a positive light, known for our desire and efforts to help transform our community and world to better reflect God’s image

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