The Cavs City

By Jake Blasdel

March 17, 2017

The Cavs City


This past Tuesday Jacqueline and I hosted 2 Japanese students at "The Cavs City" (this is Jacqueline's name for Cleveland.). 

 Yuto, on the right, is only here for a month to do two things: "one, study English; and two, go to a Cavs game." The night before, the Lord arranged for me to run into Daiki, the student in the middle and I invited him to join us for a Cavs game that I had 2 tickets still for. They both said to me that they were looking and desiring for someone to take them to Cleveland to watch the Cavs 
after they found out that AU canceled the international student outing to a Cavs game. 

 Praise the Lord for how He works. I love how God allows us to welcome others and show them the Love of Christ through hospitality. 

Thank you. Your financial and prayer support cultivates the soil for so many ministry opportunities.
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