A Longing and Desire

By Jake Blasdel

March 8, 2017

A Longing and Desire

Over three years ago we had a longing and desire for our church to be a place for healing and transformation for the community. As a church staff we began to pray not having a clue what that would look like.

Three years ago when I started praying around our church their use to be a huge middle school building here. In time I went from seeing students in the windows, to empty desks, to demo cranes and trucks and now green grass.

This week our church will be hosting a Healing Care international conference. Because of certain circumstances this ministry is now leasing space from our church for offices and seminars. This Wednesday we will have 80 plus participants and care givers in our building walking in the journey of healing, transformation and training till Saturday. This literally is a prayer and dream come true. The Lord has blessed me and I have been given the opportunity to attend as well in order to continue in my journey of healing and training in formational prayer. The Lord is good. Transformation is possible and not just with physical places and buildings.

This Lenten season what longing and desires do you have for your community and life that you can take to the Lord as we wait for Resurrection Sunday?

*The spring break trip originally planned for this time was canceled due to students that committed not being able to attend. Which has now given me the opportunity to take this course which is something I have always wanted to do but could not due to spring break trips.

**If your are interested in training yourself in this area here is a link for the first introductory seminar, Formational Prayer Seminar in June. www.healingcare.org/calendar/2017/06/07/formational-prayer-seminar
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