Organ Fundraiser


Dear members and friends of First Presbyterian Church,  

After more than fifty years of faithful service the organ at First Presbyterian is showing its age.  We have received estimates on rebuilding the console. Muller Pipe organ from Croton, Ohio  has been maintaining the organ for several years. Muller inspected the console and summed  up their inspection as follows: 

The three manual and pedal draw knob console at First Presbyterian Church was  installed in 1970 by M.P. Möller Pipe Organ Company. After more than 50 years if use,  the console is showing “wear and tear” normal for its age, and except for some minor  releathering of switching system pneumatics, it remains in its original state. The  remaining original leather that allows the pneumatic to properly operate has begun to  deteriorate, causing dead notes and air leaks within the console as certain stops are  engaged.  

Muller has suggested that the mechanical switching and combination action systems should  be replaced with a new integrated solid-state combination action to alleviate the problems  that have been occurring. 

Besides the console upgrade, several other items have shown up on the inspection. The  keyboards are showing wear and should be replaced while the console is apart and is at  Muller’s shop, and the 16’ trumpet pipes are bending (or collapsing). These pipes need to be  taken to the shop cleaned and straightened. The racking of these pipes should be rebuilt to  help keep the pipes from collapsing in the future.  

Total of this project to Muller organ would be $89,475.00. There will be some ancillary costs  that are not done by Muller, such as new wiring between the console and the blower and a  new 110 volt connection for the console. These items would be done by a local electrician.  

Muller’s complete proposal of the work to be done is available at the church.  

Discussions of this project have been ongoing for several years. Trustees, Finance, and  Session have agreed that this is a project that needs to be done and have given their approval  to move forward on it, The church has $30,000 set aside for this project. Additional gifts and  memorials have been given which brings the total of funds available for this project to  $50,000. Please mark your  donation “organ” and return your gift in the offering or to the church office. Your gift will help  insure the console is able to produce beautiful organ music for decades to come.  

Thank you in advance for your help in completing this project. 

You can donate on the PayPal link below. In the "add special instruction" line, write "organ." Donations may also be mailed by check to First Presbyterian Church (320 Church Street, Ashland, OH 44805) and write "organ" in the memo line. Thank you!