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CCO XD -- the outdoor, experiential learning department of the CCO has partnered with First Presbyterian Church and the Office of Christian Ministry to develop and establish an XD (Experiential Designs) program for Ashland University and the surrounding community. AshlandXD helps students integrate their faith with adventure. Research shows that shared experiences bring individual and corporate growth; they allow us to love and serve those around us with the same love and service we have received. AshlandXD seeks to create transforming communities where students are transformed by the Holy Spirit to become more and more like Christ in every area of their lives, and through that transformation seek to impact and transform the world.


Jake BlasdelJake Blasdel is the CCO staff person working with First Presbyterian Church to unfold AshlandXD at Ashland University.  Jake is currently developing a student leadership team focused on outdoor leadership, and designing fall and spring break backpacking and climbing experiences, as well as day and weekend adventures. When we are together as an XD community we focus on Play, Adventure, Training and Community.  Join us!

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 Jake Blasdel
CCO XD Campus Minister & Outdoor Educator

CCO XD Ashland

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