Lent at FPC

By Pastor Mike Parker

March 2, 2019

THEME:  Cultivating Our Contentment

INVITATION:  Perhaps you are one who "gives up" something for Lent.  I would like to also invite you to "take up" something this Lenten season - a spirit of contentment.  We will likely find that in order to embrace a spirit of contentment, we must also let go of those things that are causing us to feel discontent.  

WHAT:  Sunday morning messages that relate to the theme; Wednesday evening times of fellowship, reflection, and prayer that help us Cultivate Our Contentment in a practical way.

WHY:  It is the Lord's desire that we could find contentment in our relationship with Him.  How many of us truly experience this in our day to day lives.  This message is counter-cultural, and we are constantly invited to find contentment in any and every other place.  The Apostle Paul wrote that he had learned to be content in every situation.  Is that an invitation for us, or simply a "pipe dream."  I believe the former and pray that through the season of Lent we move together in this direction; a place of deep contentment in our communion with the Triune God.

Lenten Potlucks
Beginning Wednesday, March 6

Each Wednesday during Lent, FPC will have a gathering at the church from 5:30—7:00pm. We will have a potluck and fellowship from 5:30—6:00pm followed by times of fellowship, reflection, and prayer that help us Cultivate Our Contentment.

For Ash Wednesday, worship will follow the potluck, 6:00pm in Fellowship Hall.

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