Identity Integrity  and The Awakening of the True Self

August 3, 2017

We live in a world that insists that performance and people pleasing are the only way to have our deepest longings met. This leads to exhaustion and insecurity. Unfortunately, many Christians are trapped on this treadmill, unaware that Christ has given them through inheritance what they could never earn through performance. In this seminar, you will experience the power that comes from living out of your true identity.

What people are saying about this seminar...

“In the busyness of life, it is easy to not notice where I am investing my energy, and to fall into the standards and values of culture and work. This seminar reminded me of Truth: I am God's idea, loved, accepted, cherished and valued, not because of what I do, or don't do, but simply because I am His. From this position, I have the capacity to call out others in their true selves, because there is abundance, not scarcity in the mystery of the Kingdom. This is an opportunity to take a few days to breathe and be Present to the Presence of God.” (Michelle, MD)

Click here for a complete seminar brochure.
Cost: $400 (Individual) / $350 (Group 3+) / $225 (2nd Time Attendee) /
$700 (Married Couple)
FPC has complete scholarships for the first two people to respond.
Contact Pastor Mike419-289-6205 or the church office to register. 

Seminar will be held at First Presbyterian, Ashland.

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